Where Is Steven Rothfeld?

Anywhere. Timbuktu. Glimpsed among the shadows of a Roman autumn. Spotted walking a Barcelona alley behind a blue-ruffled dog. Trafficked in images for the French Government Tourist Board, for Federal Express, for Four Seasons Resorts and Alitalia. Portraits: an Antwerp fashion designer brooding in his atelier, a filmmaker on his porch in the Napa Valley. Created books -Entrez, another of French Dreams, one of Italian, one of Irish. Left traces with Getty Images, Bon Appetit, Harper Collins. Left a ticket stub skittering over a train platform in Prague. Turned up beside a vase of roses one morning in Regagnac. Forever traveling. Watching. Making his pictures in this studio called the world.

Steven Rothfeld can be anywhere you like.

Until then, please view the portfolio.

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